Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Church and Pagan get their wishes

After Ryan Church and Angel Pagan filed for salary arbitration the Mets accepted their offers. Ryan Church got another $800,000, and Pagan got $173,500. So now both of these players are back on the team where they belong. There are two more players to be accepted, and they are John Maine and Pedro Feliciano. If these players didn't accept then the Mets would have had some more problems with not having the outfielders to fill in the spots, but since they accepted they don't have a problem. Now if the last two players don't accept then the Mets will have to find a new starting pitch and new bullpen players. The Mets also got Sanchez and Reed to accept their arbitrations. So this helped the Mets keep their roster to what it is suppose to be. Now the Mets still have to pursue the players that they feel should be the next Mets.

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