Friday, January 16, 2009

Itching for a Pitching

Johan Santana has been wanting to pitch since his last pitch on September 27, 2008. At the end he went through surgery on the torn meniscus in his knee. He has been waiting for the start of the season to come. He takes everything day by day and wants to pitch for his country in the World Baseball Classic series. All he can do is just wait for what the doctors have to say about his condition, but come spring training with the New York Mets he has to be in shape and ready to pitch. He is just waiting for the moment to come where he will be able to throw his first pitch since September of 2008. He hopes that his surgery heals quickly and that he won't sustain another minor injury in the same area from pitching too much.

"I'd love to represent my country," he said. "But I'm not going to do anything crazy. We'll see how everything is with my knee. I'm hoping the doctors will give me the OK.

"The team will have to approve of [the course of action]. It's a medical decision. The reality is I haven't pitched or played in a game since September. They're going to keep an eye on me. I'm going to go one step at a time." "Everything feels good now," Santana said.

Santana has been ready for this day to come for a long time.

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